Marqués de Murrieta
Son Bordils

The Arab domination

In the year 707 saw the first Arab raid in Mallorca, 859 occurred in the first Norman invasion and the 902 came the final Muslim invasion by ISAM AL-KHAULANI that would last until 1229, James I conquered Mallorca commanding Aragonese and Catalan troops, not before crossing a second Norman invasion (1108) by Sigurd I of Norway in Formentera, Ibiza and Menorca and Pisa-Catalans in 1114 and 1115, in Mallorca and Ibiza.

From the Arab domination, M. Stang (. Pico M., 1997, p 22) writes: 'If Christ enthroned wine, Mohammed, six years later, condemns. (sic). However, it seems that was more important in the world came for the enthronement of Christianity that its prohibition by Islam. The precepts of the Koran prohibits the wine, and the new lords, logically, should have devastated the vineyards. But such assertions, very general, nothing more than a mandatory measure. (sic) ... Muslims to ban drinking wine did not quite believe it. (sic). As much as alfaquíes protest, and as much as they wanted to raze the vineyards, the difficulties they encountered were many and ended by being tolerant '.

Some bibliographic data that are available allow us to think that it was really so. For example, there is evidence that Catalonia reds exported to Muslim countries of North Africa wines and these were good consumers; or at the time of the Catalan-Aragonese invasion, inquero BINI ABET offered a bunch of grapes to Jaime I, as recorded in the "Llibre dels fets del Rei Jaume I of Aragon"; or in the poem Liber maiolichinus de gestis Pisanorum illustribus, which states that the Pisan troops relieved their bodies with buckwheat wine, been referring to the invasion of Pisa-Catalans in 1114 and 1115.